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Josh Frost

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Josh Frost is a renowned professional bull rider known for his fearlessness and skill in conquering some of the toughest bulls in the business. His calculated approach and unwavering determination make him a force to be reckoned with in the arena.


As a true cowboy, roping calves is second nature to Josh. Carrying that skill into the rodeo arena allows Josh to showcase his incredible precision and speed with a rope. His technique and finesse in roping calves makes Josh a standout in the rodeo arena.


Part of owning & operating a ranch requires a Cowboy to develop specific skill sets. One of those is steer wrestling, which requires strength and agility when taking down steers. Josh’s expertise and swift takedowns keeps audiences on the edge of their seats.

The Legends

The Frost family is a legendary name in the sport of professional rodeo, with over 70 years of rich history to their credit. Josh's grandpa, Joe Frost and great uncle, Clyde Frost led the way helping pioneer the sport of professional rodeo since its inception. Clyde Frost participated in the first ever PRCA National Finals Rodeo (NFR) in 1959 and members of the Frost family have continued to compete ever since. Josh's second cousin is the legendary Lane Frost. Lane was a five-time NFR qualifier and 1987 World Champion bull rider who catapulted the sport of rodeo into the mainstream and was featured in the blockbuster movie “8 Seconds”.

The Legacy

Josh is proudly carrying on the Frost family legacy. Josh is a four time NFR qualifier, a four time Linderman award winner and the only bull rider to qualify for the PBR, NFR AND WCRA world finals for the 2021–2022 season. In 2021 Josh won his first NFR Average Championship and was named Wrangler’s number one prospect to win the buckle again in 2022. Josh worked hard in 2022, finishing in the top 10 at the PBR World Finals, NFR Reserve Grand Champion and won the WCRA Championship. Josh accomplished this by riding some of the rankest bulls in the business and earning one of the highest cover averages in the sport (at over 57%) with more than a dozen of those being 90+ point rides. Through his continued success and dedication, Josh is undoubtedly writing his own page in rodeo history!

Hey guys,

Josh Frost here. I can't begin to express the gratitude I feel for each and every one of you. As I travel around this great country, I am constantly reminded of the unwavering support and infectious enthusiasm that has made this rodeo journey incredible. I am beyond thrilled to finally be able to share this journey with you like never before! We are tied together as rodeo enthusiasts and bound by our love for the rush, the grit, and the glory of this great sport. Rodeo is more than just a career for me, it's a lifelong passion that courses through my veins with every ride, every rope, and every cheer from the stands. Having you in my corner, cheering me on through every win and every setback, creates a special bond that I am forever grateful for. Your energy fuels my determination, your cheers light the fire within, and together, we create rodeo magic. From the heart-stopping bull rides to the lightning-fast roping rounds, we have shared unforgettable moments that have left their mark on this cowboys heart. Your support pushes me beyond limits and gives me the strength to strive for greatness in and out of the arena. As we continue this incredible journey together, let us not forget the ones that came before us, as we do our part to keep the rodeo spirit and Cowboy way of life alive for generations to come.

God Bless,

The Family

Born and raised in Randlett, UT by his parents Shane and Lisa, alongside his two brothers Joe & Jate and sister Jacelyn, Josh had a pretty normal childhood. Josh and his siblings grew up on the family ranch where they raise cattle and run a hay operation. Being a Frost, there was no doubt that rodeo was in his blood. Josh started competing in local rodeos at the age of 8 and has never looked back. After graduating high school, Josh went off to Oklahoma Panhandle State University where he earned his degree in Ag Education and also met the love of his life. After college, Josh took a job as an Ag teacher briefly before deciding to chase his dream as a Professional Rodeo Cowboy. Fast forward to today, Josh has amassed a trove of awards and accolades, but his proudest moment to date is when he married his beautiful wife, Erika. With a GOD given talent and a dream, Josh is on a mission to leave an indelible mark on the sport of rodeo. His drive is fueled by the support of his incredible fans, the love of his adoring wife, and support of his incredible family.

Frequently Asked Questions

My journey in rodeo began at a young age, growing up in a family deeply rooted in the sport. I was inspired by my father and grandfather, both accomplished rodeo athletes. The allure of bull riding captured my heart, and from there, my passion and dedication only grew.

Rodeo is more than just a sport to me, it's a way of life. The thrill of the ride, the bond with the animals, and the camaraderie within the rodeo community keep me motivated. The challenges only fuel my determination to overcome them and emerge stronger, both as a cowboy and as an individual.

One of the most memorable moments of my career was winning the Linderman Award for the third time. The rush of emotions, the validation of hard work, and the appreciation for the cowboy way all converged in that incredible moment. It's a memory I'll always cherish.

Preparation is crucial. Physically, I maintain a rigorous training routine focused on strength, agility, and balance. Mentally, I practice visualization, positive affirmations, and stay focused on my goals. It's about finding that inner calm amidst the adrenaline rush of rodeo.

Stay true to the sport, stay true to yourself. Work hard, be dedicated, and never shy away from learning and improving. Surround yourself with a supportive community and embrace the ups and downs of the rodeo life — it's all part of the journey.

Balancing my rodeo career with other aspects of life can be challenging, but it's all about priorities and time management. Family, health, and personal well-being are essential, and I ensure they're given the attention they deserve. Rodeo remains a passion, but finding that balance is key to a fulfilling life both in and out of the arena.